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About Us
With nearly two decades experience in recruitment, Selective Edge has worked on a wide range of positions from middle management through to main board directors of national and international organisations.

Specialising in permanent positions, Selective Edge is capable of managing multiple recruitment assignments or specialist one off projects.

To ensure our success, we’ve needed to understand intrinsically the individual motivations of our candidates, the market sectors and most importantly the culture of our clients.

We believe passionately that 60% of a successful placement is based on cultural fit and time and again, we have relied on our understanding of the skill sets and personality profiles of both our candidates and clients.

About our Clients

Every client is different. Each will have different needs and requirements. Each role may have similar responsibilities but each IS different. That’s why it is important for us to understand what you need from a Candidate.

We don’t tell our clients how to run their business or who they should recruit – we just help them find talented individuals.

Visit our Vacancy page now and tells us what you need.

About our Candidates

We all have different dreams, goals and ambitions. What’s important to us may not be important to you. That’s why you shouldn’t trust your career to someone who will just put you on a database and call you when they have a job to fill.

Even if you are not considering a career move immediately you might want to take a few moments to talk with one of our consultants about Selective Edge’s talent bank and the long term opportunities that could be available to you.

Wouldn’t you rather work with a consultant who will pro-actively market you into your chosen market sector?

Visit our CV page now and tells us about your aspirations.